Enterprise North Receives First Donation from 100 Women Who Care

Enterprise North of New Ulm was selected as the recipient of New Ulm’s first 100 Women Who Care event.

The group met at Turner Hall, Sunday to vote on which area non-profit would receive funding. Enterprise North, Inc. received the majority of votes from members attending the Turner Hall event.

All members attending paid a $100 write-down during the sign-in process. After signing in, members wrote down the name of a local non-profit on a slip of paper. Once everyone was signed in, three non-profits would be chosen at random from a hat. The women gathered then discuss which non-profit should receive the money. The person who nominated the non-profits would have five minutes to explain why it deserved the donation. At the end of the event, the women will vote for their top choice. This time, Enterprise North was chosen.

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